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3 Great Green Social Networks

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Social networks are more than a new-found fad. They’ve become embedded into our lives. While there are some names that seem to roll off tongues around the world, and even make it into the new lexicon with terms like tweeting and Facebooking, and Instagramming, there are other social networks that are lesser known. Yet, in their own way, these smaller social networks are making a powerful mark on the world – at least in the case of these three.


Founded by Randy Paynter in 1998, Care2 is devoted to connecting people who want to make the world a better place connect to other people, organizations, and businesses that are currently doing just that.

It’s built upon the idea that sometimes you just need to be able to make the right connections in order to make great things happen for both the planet and the people who call this planet home.

This site tackles a fair amount of green topics in addition to topics such as ending child marriage, protecting women, children’s rights, animal welfare, education, health, corporate accountability, and more.

The goal at Care2 is to connect users with organizations and groups with shared interests and causes. It’s a great place to go for anyone interested in making the transition from passive participation in various causes to active participation.


What we love about Greeniacs is that it’s not about diving all in. It’s not about pushing you to do more, become more involved, or make changes you’re not interested in or ready to make. It’s about encouraging your curiosity about the environment and allowing you to make the changes you feel are necessary and desirable.

The social network addresses a wide range of topics from agricultural runoff to weather, moths, and cold-pressing juices. It’s a smorgasbord of information, education, and socialization with other people who are interested in learning about the environment and their impact on the planet.

Make Me Sustainable

In addition to providing a social platform for people interested in living more sustainable lives, Make Me Sustainable has another feature that is nothing short of amazing. This social network provides you with a carbon and energy portfolio manager of your very own.

You can do your part, however involved you want your efforts to be, to save the planet, and view the results as you make changes. Yet again, this site doesn’t make living green a theology or doctrine. It simply offers the tools you need to go green on your own terms and allows you to share your efforts, successes, and even the epic failures you make along the way.

We understand that everyone walks a different path to greener living. We also believe social networks like these help to reinforce the good while recovering quickly from the bad experiences along the way. We hope you’ll agree.

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