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Introducing PlushBeds Organic Crib Mattresses - PlushBeds

Shopping for a mattress for kids, especially a crib mattress, isn't usually the easiest thing to do. This is because kids and babies have different needs. What works for one might not work for the other. For this reason, when shopping for a crib mattress for babies, you need one that meets their specific needs and behaviors.

There are so many mattresses for babies in the market today. But the truth is some of these mattresses don't provide the perfect sleeping experience for an infant. The last thing you want is to buy a mattress your baby is allergic to, or one that does not offer the right amount of support.

That said, there are a few good organic crib mattresses out there worth every penny you spend on them. In this review, we'll discuss two popular organic crib mattresses from PlushBeds specifically designed to meet the needs of babies.

They include the Healthy Baby Organic Crib Mattress, and the Healthy Baby Hybrid Crib Mattress.

So, without further ado, let's find out what makes these mattresses so popular in the market.

Healthy Baby Organic Crib Mattress Features


The Healthy Baby Organic Crib Mattress is a two-sided mattress from PlushBeds. This mattress is uniquely designed to meet the needs of babies as they sleep, guaranteeing a peaceful night's sleep.

Measurements and Specifications

This top-quality mattress measures 7-inches in thickness. It comprises a 6 inches of GOLS-Certified ARPICO Organic Latex, and 1 inch of British organic wool.

The baby mattress weighs 24 lbs, and measures 28 inches long, 52 inches wide, and 7 inches high.

Why Your Child Will Love the Healthy Baby Crib Mattress

There's no doubt that your child will enjoy sleeping on this mattress. Here's why:

Comfort Guaranteed

This organic crib mattress is made with nature's finest materials - organic cotton and wool - for the ultimate in comfort. As a result, your child will enjoy long hours of uninterrupted sleep on this mattress. In addition, the combination of organic cotton and wool gives the mattress a cloud-like feeling, helping babies sleep better.

Safer Than Most Traditional Mattresses

Comfort aside, safety is yet another important thing to consider when shopping for a mattress for babies. You want a mattress that won't expose your child to Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), heavy metals, pesticides, and other chemicals. That's one of the benefits of investing in this organic crib mattress from PlushBeds. It is free from petroleum-based polyurethane foams, memory foams, solvent-based chemical adhesives, and other harmful materials that could ruin your child's sleep, and negatively impact their health in the long run.

Perfect Firmness Level

As an adult, you probably understand the importance of sleeping on a mattress that's neither too firm nor too soft. You need a mattress that feels comfortable, and provides just the right amount of support you need to sleep peacefully. Unfortunately, babies feel the same, but they might not be able to express themselves with words when they feel uncomfortable.

So, if you're wondering why your baby can't sleep all night - it's probably because their mattress is not as comfortable. This top-rated mattress has a firmness rating of 8/10, also known as medium-firm, the perfect rating for peaceful sleep.

Double-Sided Crib Mattress

Ask any parent, and they'll tell you the importance of having a double-sided crib mattress, especially for kids. If your child doesn't enjoy sleeping on one side of the mattress, you can simply flip it over to the other side.

Body Contouring Capabilities

Did you know that babies also wake up with body aches, caused by sleeping on the wrong mattress or bed? They won't express themselves in words, but they'll for sure let you know by staying cranky all day. If that's what you're dealing with as a parent, this top-of-the-line organic crib mattress could be all you need to keep your baby calm at night. It cradles the child's body, helping them sleep better all night long.

Healthy Baby Hybrid Crib Mattress Features


As the name suggests, the Healthy Baby Hybrid Crib Mattress combines the best from both worlds, to offer the best sleeping experience for your child. This double-sided mattress comes with an in-built support system specifically designed to keep the mind and body safe throughout the night.

Measurements and Specifications

The Healthy Baby Hybrid Crib Mattress measures approximately 7 inches high. It comprises 3 inches of GOLS-Certified organic latex, and 3.5 inches of individually-wrapped pocketed coils.

The mattress also measures 28 inches long, and 52 inches wide. In total, this hybrid crib mattress weighs approximately 24 lbs.

Why Your Child Will Love the Healthy Baby Hybrid Crib Mattress

The Healthy Baby Hybrid Crib Mattress has great benefits, especially for babies. Here's why they'll love this premium mattress:

Comes with That Bouncy Feeling

The 3.5 inches of individually-wrapped pocketed coils makes this hybrid crib mattress bouncy. So, if your child loves jumping on the bed, this is the mattress to invest in.

More Comfortable Than Most Traditional Mattresses

PlushBeds mattresses need no introduction, especially when looking for comfort in a mattress. This hybrid crib mattress will give your child the sensation of sleeping on a fluffy cloud, making it one of the most comfortable crib mattresses you'll ever come across.

More Breathable Than Memory Foam Mattresses

Breathability is one of the reasons many sleepers opt for hybrid crib mattresses. And, when it comes to babies, you don't want them soaking in sweat at night. They'll definitely keep you awake all night when that happens.

But, that's not something you should be concerned about when your child sleeps on this hybrid crib mattress. Thanks to the innerspring core, this mattress is breathable, providing a cooler sleeping environment than memory foam mattresses.

Similarities and Differences Between the Hybrid and Organic Crib Mattresses from PlushBeds

These two crib mattresses share some similarities and differences, as discussed below:

Key Similarities

  • They are both free from chemicals
  • Both are made from organic materials
  • Both are two-sided
  • Both mattresses are comfortable
  • Both mattresses are eco-friendly
  • Both come with a 100-night free trial, a lifetime warranty, and free shipping

Key Differences

  • The hybrid mattress for kids is bouncier, because it comes with 3.5 inches of individually-wrapped pocketed coils
  • The organic mattress costs a little bit more than the hybrid mattress

Organic or Hybrid Crib Mattress: Which is the Right Choice for Your Baby?

There's no doubt that PlushBeds is the leading manufacturer of top-quality natural mattresses for all kinds of sleepers, including babies. While the Organic Crib Mattresses from PlushBeds have many benefits for babies, each mattress has a unique benefit that makes it stand out.

Your child's needs should be the first and most important thing to consider when choosing the right mattress among these two options. For example, if your child loves jumping on the bed, the hybrid crib mattress has an innerspring system for a bouncier feel. On the other hand, the organic crib mattress is ideal for kids who tend to sleep hot, because of its temperature-regulation capabilities.

Your budget is also yet another important factor to consider when choosing a crib mattress for your child. The organic crib mattress costs slightly more than the hybrid crib mattress.

All in all, regardless of the kind of mattress you opt for, you can rest assured that your child will enjoy long hours of restful sleep. And, if your child does not like the crib mattress, PlushBeds will offer you a full refund within the first 100 days of purchase. No questions asked.

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